Kultur-erbe: Bewahren! Pflegen!

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49 Antworten zu Kultur-erbe: Bewahren! Pflegen!

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  3. I walked to where A sat.

  4. All things are difficult that are done reluctantly.

  5. Was she always fancying things like that?

  6. To crown all, the movie was awarded Le Grand Prix.

  7. What do you use this box for?

  8. Who knows the comedian’s aching heart behind his smiling eyes?

  9. Here are a television-set and a high-class camera. You may choose whichever you like.

  10. The child must have lost his way.

  11. I wish I were a millionaire.

  12. 最近のä格は着実にä昇しています。

  13. Please tell me the name of the boy who came here yesterday.

  14. It is easy to say but difficult to practise.

  15. The house was felt to shake.

  16. Man is the only animal that speaks.

  17. If it had not been for such a clever child, she might have been more miserable.

  18. An American would not do such a thing.

  19. People used to believe that the earth was flat.

  20. He is having his bath now.

  21. Finally the father permitted his son to learn music.

  22. You were a better actor than he.

  23. He appears to be an honest man.

  24. You have to live a long time to see something like that. 

  25. I am not certain whether I shall be able to go to the United States.

  26. Living in a remote village, I seldom have visitors.

  27. 家々が線路沿いに次々と建てられています。

  28. 彼は大学を卒業してä来、原子エネルギーの研究に専念してきました。

  29. I went there in the hope of meeting some friends.

  30. These three students shall not remain in our school.

  31. You must do your best before you can succeed.

  32. As I was late, I made haste.

  33. 바카라 sagt:

    It is great fun sliding downhill in a sleigh.

  34. One day the poet sailed out in a yacht, never to return.

  35. After supper, I took a walk in the park.

  36. Judging from his appearance, he must be a Korean.

  37. Anyone may understand this logic.

  38. Such a fine gentleman as he cannot have done anything wrong.

  39. As he grew older, he became more and more well-rounded.

  40. The train will be running somewhere about Waegwan when you awake.

  41. 新聞をäい終わったら新聞を貸してくれませんか。

  42. What are watches made of?

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