Was mir an der Ostrale fehlte

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48 Antworten zu Was mir an der Ostrale fehlte

  1. Just simply had to express Now i’m ecstatic that i came in your site!|

  2. William bought a book at Chongro’s the day before yesterday.

  3. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

  4. I got up at five in order to catch the first train.

  5. 駅に着いたとき、行きたい電車がもう出発していた。

  6. I beg you to introduce me to some of your friends in New York or its neighborhood.

  7. 바카라 sagt:


  8. 彼から長い間連絡がない。

  9. If it is fine tomorrow, I intend to visit the art exhibition.

  10. Not a Soul was to be seen in the street.

  11. 카지노 sagt:

    Does he have only two meals a day?

  12. He will often sit up all night.

  13. Whether our foreign trade is favorable or not has an important bearing upon the economy of our country.

  14. そんなものを見るためには、長生きする必要があります。

  15. The door is always closed at six.

  16. You need not take the trouble to go there yourself.

  17. Rain or shine, I will call on you at the appointed time.

  18. Your socks are being washed as they are dirty.

  19. You had better not tell him more than is necessary.

  20. He promises to improve his conduct.

  21. He had scarcely reached manhood when he died.

  22. アメリカに行きます!おめでとうございます。

  23. The ship went farther and farther, till it was lost to sight.

  24. 彼が病気にかかったのは彼がアメリカに着いた直後だった。

  25. Heaven forbid that he should do such a thing!

  26. 바카라 sagt:

    Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

  27. What shall she do next? Let her sweep the room.

  28. He is always in a good humour, and I have never seen an angry look on his face.

  29. What time is it now? It is a quarter past nine by my watch.

  30. 時計はäでできていますか?

  31. He was kind enough to carry my baggage and show me the station.

  32. He is always speaking ill of others.

  33. 카지노 sagt:


  34. What the old man said was a mystery to me.

  35. Another loss, and I shall be a ruined man.

  36. 바카라 sagt:

    Fetch me a chair, will you?

  37. You must do your best before you can succeed.

  38. The teacher caught a student cheating during the examination.

  39. TV를 보면서 신문을 읽는 사람도 있다.

  40. Thus, political parties came into being in Korea.

  41. 카지노 sagt:

    Do you remember the good old days?

  42. You can reach Rome by whichever way you take.

  43. 彼は背äに重いリュックサックを持っている。

  44. It is not yet certain who did it.

  45. The inventor was presented with a gold watch.

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