Zum Hören: Mut zur Freiheit

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42 Antworten zu Zum Hören: Mut zur Freiheit

  1. Jane sagt:

    Hey, was machst du, wie geht’s dir? Gar keine entries mehr?

  2. Me sagt:

    Klasse – danke für den Link!!

  3. I have been staying with my uncle ever since my father died.

  4. What time is it now? It is a quarter past nine by my watch.

  5. Don’t you like tomatoes? No, I don’t.

  6. He is having his bath now.

  7. It was unusually warm for winter yesterday.

  8. I’ll tell you how I got out of the danger.

  9. Where do you live now? I live with my uncle in Suwon.

  10. If Cleopatra’s nose had been a little lower, the history of the world might have been different.

  11. That made me stop dead in my tracks.

  12. We shall be going to Gunsan next week.

  13. Whoever may come today, I won’t see him.

  14. No statesman that I know is greater than he is.

  15. That which Don Quixote took for a giant was really a big windmill.

  16. Our town lies to the east of the lake.

  17. I have two copies of the same book, so I will give one to whoever wants it.

  18. 카지노 sagt:

    There were fewer applicants than might have been expected.

  19. He is respected, not because he is rich, but because he is honest.

  20. There are very few mistakes, if any, in this English composition.

  21. You can reach Rome by whichever way you take.

  22. Understand the situation as it is.

  23. This is the very thing I have wanted for a long time.

  24. I congratulate you on passing the examination.

  25. The hello-girl saves what she earns.

  26. If I find fault, it is that I want you to improve.

  27. I wonder if I could have achieved such a splendid result, had I given it up at that time.

  28. I was not born yet when World War II came to an end.

  29. When we cross the road, we should always do so at the pedestrians crossing.

  30. A prisoner attempted to escape from the window of his cell.

  31. The doctor advised me to go some where for a change of air.

  32. I entered the room and found him murdered.

  33. I will go home as soon as the summer holidays begin.

  34. The hare was quick while the tortoise was slow.

  35. It was not I but he that was awarded the first prize.

  36. あなたは長い間私を待っていましたか?約30分。

  37. ソウルはä年ですか。ええと、見てみましょう。約3年半。

  38. ああ、あなたは本当に私を驚かせた!

  39. 바카라 sagt:

    You will be scolded some day for neglecting your duties.

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