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47 Antworten zu Steuer steuern

  1. May I smoke here? Oh, yes, of course.

  2. Does he have only two meals a day?

  3. I happened to make the acquaintance of an American named Harris.

  4. I don’t agree with him. Neither do I.

  5. His family which consists of eleven people is a merry one.

  6. Unless she is more earnest in her studies, she will not be able to keep up with the class.

  7. 바카라 sagt:

    She will have been in hospital for half a year by the end of this month.

  8. これ、あれ、あれ?あなたはこれを持っているでしょう。

  9. The door is always closed at six.

  10. You shall hear everything later.

  11. When I got to the station, the train was on the point of starting.

  12. He might at least have come to say goodbye to me.

  13. 来週は群山に行きます。

  14. この夏は雨が多かった。

  15. 椅子を持ってきてください。どの椅子でもかまいません。

  16. America was discovered by Columbus in 1492.

  17. He longed to see the celebrated novelist.

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  19. あなたが帰るまでに部屋を片äけておきましょう。

  20. 카지노 sagt:

    If I had money enough, I would buy a car.

  21. I wish I could travel the space.

  22. The man talking with an American over there is Mr. Chin a diplomat.

  23. It would seem that the result was not very favorable.

  24. He was kind enough to carry my baggage and show me the station.

  25. Your shoes want mending.

  26. 彼女はいつもそのようなことを好きでしたか?

  27. We have been married these five years.

  28. My grandfather is an early riser; he never fails to get up at five every morning.

  29. He had the kindness to inquire after his political opponent.

  30. They made him confess his guilt.

  31. It began to rain, as I had expected.

  32. He is always speaking ill of others.

  33. He makes a point of attending such a meeting as often as he can.

  34. 新聞をäい終わったら新聞を貸してくれませんか。

  35. Are you aware of how wide a place the entrance examination fills in your thoughts?

  36. I got up at five in order to catch the first train.

  37. The trouble is that I cannot afford to buy it.

  38. 彼にäったことがなかったので、私は彼を知りませんでした。

  39. He left off drinking once for all.

  40. 遅刻したので急いだ。

  41. I don’t like him. Why not?

  42. Lincoln was one of the greatest man that ever lived.

  43. I have just finished ‚Gone with the Wind.‘

  44. 바카라 sagt:


  45. It will not be long before he comes back.

  46. The boy wanted to ride on the monorail car.

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