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101 Antworten zu Luxusbrücke

  1. Sustain the outstanding work !! Lovin‘ it!|

  2. 바카라 sagt:

    The doctor advised me to go some where for a change of air.

  3. Work as hard as you can, and you will succeed.

  4. A great number of cameras and transistor radios are exported every year.

  5. The door is always closed at six.

  6. 彼はいつもääの悪口を言っている。

  7. One should have the courage to speak out one’s beliefs.

  8. 毎日目にするものではありません。

  9. I have been collecting stamps these six years.

  10. It is strange that accidents have happened one after another to the Seoul-Busan main line.

  11. I don’t like being pitied.

  12. He has been suffering from influenza for a week.

  13. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

  14. Sul is made from rice, and wine from grapes.

  15. 바카라 sagt:

    Other things being equal, I prefer this.

  16. She put her room in order.

  17. As it is, I cannot lend you money.

  18. 現在建設äの新しい校舎は、この夏の終わりまでに完成します。

  19. The rumor proved to be true.

  20. ここから空港までどれくらいの距離ですか。

  21. Your nephew came to see you in your absence.

  22. What is the use of us talking about that?

  23. I went to the library, where I found him.

  24. 彼は1日2食しか食べませんか?

  25. The bus was crowded and no vacant seat was to be found.

  26. 私は非常に健康で、私のä生でä度も解雇されたことはありません。

  27. This story shows how strong is the regard of a Englishman for the rights of others.

  28. If it were not for the heat of the sun, nothing could live.

  29. It is a long time since I saw you last.

  30. 私たちはこの5年間結婚しています。

  31. We made ourselves comfortable in Korean dresses.

  32. A夫äの前には誰も到着していなかった。

  33. 카지노 sagt:


  34. 男のä値は、自分が持っているものほどではなく、自分が持っているものにあります。

  35. It does not matter whether you agree or not.

  36. I have not heard from him for a long time.

  37. They really knocked the socks off me. 

  38. Please type this passage by tomorrow, if possible.

  39. He is said to have been rich.

  40. She married as soon as she graduated.

  41. The second work do the new writer is not less good than his maiden work.

  42. ああ、あなたは本当に私を驚かせた!

  43. 駅に着いたとき、行きたい電車がもう出発していた。

  44. She is the last girl that ever would do such a thing.

  45. 子äは道に迷ったに違いない。

  46. The idea that she might be a spy did not occur to the officer.

  47. 카지노 sagt:

    That’s really stunning!

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