Falsche Realität im Film

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43 Antworten zu Falsche Realität im Film

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    She is thirty years old, if a day.

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    It would seem that the result was not very favorable.

  4. Somehow she avoided seeing me.

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  6. You were a better actor than he.

  7. You need not take the trouble to go there yourself.

  8. The teacher caught a student cheating during the examination.

  9. 家に帰るまで財布が盗まれていたのに気づかなかった。

  10. It is truly said that time is money.

  11. As it is raining so hard, we cannot choose but keep indoors.

  12. He who is born foolish is never cured.

  13. One must have the readiness to undertake any difficult task.

  14. He had no sooner heard the cry than he rushed into the room.

  15. Should anybody come, say I am not at home.

  16. My brother had been studying English under an American for two years before he went over to the United States.

  17. The doctor pronounced the patient to be in a critical condition.

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    He may have fallen ill.

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    The patient is, if anything, a little better today.

  20. The most important thing in life is „not to tell a lie“, in other words, to be truthful.

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    As I was late, I made haste.

  22. No papers wanted except The London Times.

  23. Here are a television-set and a high-class camera. You may choose whichever you like.

  24. 誰もがこの論理を理解するかもしれません。

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    I wonder if it is still raining.

  26. Shall we be in time for the train?

  27. If you would be happy, be good.

  28. I tried praying but that did not ease my mind.

  29. 結局のところ、彼が愚か者であることは確かです。

  30. Let it be done at once.

  31. よく聞いたことがある。

  32. 街の郊外にある遊歩道の団が立ち寄った。

  33. He has been a 0.3 batter for five years on end.

  34. 彼はいくら給料をもらえますか?彼は8äウォンを持っている。

  35. He often shakes his head when speaking English.

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    If he should have returned, please ask him to come here at once.

  37. What are you going to do with the puppy?

  38. Finally the father permitted his son to learn music.

  39. You may go wherever you like.

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