Dresden: 5 Jahre Micktener Elbufern in 26 Bildern

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44 Antworten zu Dresden: 5 Jahre Micktener Elbufern in 26 Bildern

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  2. Elbnymphe sagt:

    Ich sitze hier quasi in Frankfurt/Main fest und bin sprachlos und hab‘ das Gefühl, ich kehre heim in eine Stadt, die von Irren regiert wird.

  3. Hans sagt:

    Übrigens: Auch die störenden Bäume zwischen neuer Mole-Brücke und Watzke sind nur noch einen Meter hoch. Da diese etwa 11 Jahre alt waren, kann man davon ausgehen, daß sie vor nicht allzu langer Zeit gepflanzt wurden. Pflanzen und fällen kostet hier vermutlich nix. Insgesamt stehen auf dem Abschnitt Mole-Brücke – Lindenschänke noch 2 Bäume mit nennenswertem Durchmesser. Bedauernswerte Stadt(väter).

  4. Are you aware of how wide a place the entrance examination fills in your thoughts?

  5. I dare say he will come later.

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  7. Ought I to see my teacher? Yes, I think you ought.

  8. 彼は1日2食しか食べませんか?

  9. Leaves are to the plant what lungs are to the animal.

  10. I am convinced of its truth.

  11. Fifty years have passed since he wrote the novel.

  12. This box containing a lot of wonderful things belongs to him.

  13. どこにメガネをかけたのかしら。

  14. They really knocked the socks off me. 

  15. Have you ever wished you had been born rich?

  16. I believe him to be a great scholar.

  17. He came up to Seoul last month.

  18. He is respected, not because he is rich, but because he is honest.

  19. これが終わったら家に帰ってもよい。

  20. That misfortune was the making of him.

  21. It is no easy matter to master a foreign language.

  22. I will never do it again as long as I live.

  23. Do you mind working another hour?

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    The new schoolhouse which is now under construction, will have been completed by the end of this summer.

  25. The window had been left open since that morning.

  26. 카지노 sagt:

    Which of you two is the elder brother?

  27. I walked to where A sat.

  28. 次のオリンピックはどこで開催されますか?

  29. I don’t like being pitied.

  30. I tried praying but that did not ease my mind.

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  32. I was surprised to hear it.

  33. He went to America, only to die.

  34. What is Mr. Yang a professor of?

  35. I am sorry I have broken my word, If I had not been ill, I should have gone.

  36. 彼はäお風呂に入っています。

  37. He has been absorbed in reading a novel for three hours without taking a meal.

  38. EstrefrDiess sagt:

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  39. Do in Rome as the Romans do.

  40. 「おくす」とは英語でäと言いますか?

  41. こんなä愉快な場所にはä度と来ません。

  42. To crown all, the movie was awarded Le Grand Prix.

  43. As soon as you reach Busan, please let me know by wire when you will leave for Mokpo.

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